Product Design for allthings

Web and mobile app design, website, and marketing for a start-up productivity tool.


In my role as Design Manager, I led product design and marketing of this productivity app, working on both the browser and mobile apps, on a contract basis initially and then as a full-time employee.

The app aimed to help individuals and small businesses better organise their workload using the Kanban agile framework.


  • Provide the UI design required for all new features
  • Prototype and test new features
  • Perform usability research, studies, and feedback sessions for new and existing features
  • Improve customer retention by measuring and increasing usability
  • Refine the onboarding experience to make a great first impression and increase the number of trialists
  • Communicate the product’s value with videos and guided tours
  • Use email and social media marketing to communicate the product’s value
  • Manage the brand and templates
  • Design and build a new website to attract new customers


Although the business was ultimately unsuccessful in securing third round funding, allthings was loved by the customers who relied on it to manage their team’s workloads. During my time working as Design Manager for allthings, we increased website visitors, conversion rates of people taking the 14-day trial, and the number of paid customers. We transitioned from a product used by individuals to manage their daily lives, into a respected business tool that competed with much larger tools like Trello.

I managed many successful marketing campaigns, delivered regular UI enhancements and designed new features, helped the team to research customer needs and gathered actionable feedback on the product.

Product Design, Website Design, Website Development, Marketing, Copywriting