Content for Visit Angus

Writing content for three-day itineraries to help convince tourists to visit Angus and guide them when they arrive.


Visit Angus is the tourism department of Angus Council. They required a content writer for their Angus Tour project to create 12 engaging and exciting itineraries for the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter seasons.


  • Collaborate with the Visit Angus team and external Project Manager to deliver 12 three-day itineraries across six themes:
    • ‘Enjoy Active Outdoor Experiences’
    • ‘Discover our Coastal Heritage’
    • ‘Dog Friendly Holidays’
    • ‘Taste our Delicious Food and Drink’
    • ‘Explore our Rich Heritage’
    • ‘Enjoy Relaxing Outdoor Experiences’
  • Use personas to ensure each itinerary meets the needs of the identified target audiences
  • Ensure the content meets the requirements of the Visit Angus content styleguide


✓ 1m+ social media reach
✓ x3 engagement on paid social ads
✓ Exceeded targets for pageviews
✓ 40,000+ carefully crafted words

Before starting the writing work, I created a number of personas to ensure each itinerary would be appealing and appropriate for each of the target audiences (for example, young families, dog owners, older couples). The content was written within the boundaries of the content styleguide that I created as part of a previous project to ensure consistency across all Visit Angus marketing materials.

I worked closely with the Visit Angus team and an external Project Manager to develop useful and engaging itineraries that would help guide visitors around the towns and attractions within the area.

The Visit Angus team were delighted with the results of the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter campaigns, which had exceeded their expectations in terms of views and engagements.

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